Harbour City to open at Island City Mall

Harbour City dimsum house will bring to Bohol the Hong Kong inspired classic dimsum and teahouse experience. Just like its famous tagline, it is Everyday Hong Kong in the city soon.

Nowadays, aside from the Filipino cuisine, Chinese foods are the second option for the Filipinos. With Harbour City, they have a very wide selection of dimsum that the restaurant is very excited to offer.

Its best sellers are the Steamed Fried Rice which is a perfect combination of savory pork and shrimp toppings over seasoned fried rice; shaomai varieties like Shaomai and Quail Egg Shaomai, with each bite full of chunky pork and shrimp pieces; and Spring Rolls and Garlic Pork Spare Ribs. For noodles, don’t miss to taste their Beef Sate Noodles or Lomi.

Harbour City is also geared up for the very competitive, wide and diverse market. What’s unique about Harbour City is their menu, which have authentic, traditional recipes that are homegrown. The restaurant is also known for using all natural ingredients in their menu.

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